Commuter Resources

The Center for Intercultural Learning and Inclusion is responsible for providing support services and effective communication to commuter students to facilitate their success and connection to the Saint Anselm Community. Programs and events are planned throughout the year to improve the experience of commuter students at Saint Anselm College. Commuters are encouraged to send questions, comments and/or concerns to the Intercultural Center at

All commuters are required to purchase a parking permit prior to bringing their vehicle to campus and are expected to obey all parking rules and regulations. Students must purchase a new permit every academic year.  Parking permits are available only online. Your student ID# and Saint Anselm College email address are required for all transactions.

Commuters are an integral part of our community.  They are afforded parking which may or may not be in closer proximity to areas due to their unique nature and frequent comings and goings throughout the day.  Commuters may park in the Dana Lot which is for Faculty/Staff and Commuters. They may also use the Baroody Lot, the Kavanaugh and Kavanaugh Extension Lots, in addition to the South Lot.  They may not use the Father Bernard Court Lot, the Visitor Lot or any of the designated Faculty Staff Lots. Please respect those parking areas and do not encroach on those spaces.

Commuter parking is allowed in the following lots:

  1. Dana Lot: Located outside the Dana Center.
  2. Baroody Lot: Located behind Baroody Hall.
  3. South Lot: Located behind Sullivan Arena.
  4. Kavanaugh Lot: Located behind Dana Lot. (Except between the "No Parking" signs).
  5. Kavanaugh Extension Lot: Roadway along the back side of the baseball/football fields, which extends off of the Kavanaugh Lot. 

Review the complete Saint Anselm College Parking Rules and Regulations »

If you have further parking questions or concerns, please feel free to email

Thank you to Heather Arsenault, Administrative Assistant in the Office of Campus Safety and Security, for working with the Commuter Council and the Center for Intercultural Learning and Inclusion on forming this list of commuter parking regulations.