At the Heart of Dance

Performing with Passion

At the Aaron Tolson Institute of Dance at Saint Anselm College, you will develop creativity, confidence, and critical thinking skills while sharpening your purpose and potential. You will have access to opportunities such as dance intensives, workshops, and student performances with seasoned and prominent dance instructors that will sharpen your skills and prepare you for the world of dance.

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Aaron Tolson is an internationally renowned dance professional, choreographer, and show producer. Aaron has appeared on Broadway, toured nationally, directed non-profits dedicated to instructing youth in dance, and taught both in several institutions of higher education as well as prestigious dance schools in NYC.  He starred for six years in Riverdance, co-created and was the assistant producer of Imagine Tap!, and is currently the director of the pre-professional tap company “Speaking in Taps.”

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I believe in providing challenging and comprehensive instruction, while keeping my students up to date on the current trends of dance with an emphasis on having fun. Dance teaches discipline and helps you find your inner joy. There’s nothing better than working in a profession you love that allows you to share that joy with others.

— Aaron Tolson