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ArtSurround introduces its second installment, inviting you this time to share in these “pairings” of works selected from the Chapel Art Center’s Permanent Collection.

What makes two works of art a pair?  There is the intentional pairing, as in formal, pendant portraits. Sometimes works are paired by their genre, or period, or by the subject matter.   

In this case, the pairings are perhaps a bit random, and are surely experimental!

These works have been paired by color, design, imagery, memory association, or simply by way of a spontaneous emotional connection! The intention is simple—to inspire thoughtfulness and reflection. 

In a creative collaboration, designer Annee Giard from Communications and Marketing and I have worked through each of these pairings.  Our hope is to encourage an interactive viewing, inviting viewers’ thoughts on the paired works at hand.

After some time has passed, and viewers have been able to familiarize themselves with these pairings, we will invite viewers to an on line reception for some dialogue.  At that time we will also announce a “winning response” from among the viewers.

We sincerely hope you can enjoy these pairings, and offer some seasoned reflections, to help enrich the meaning and significance of works from the permanent collection at the Chapel Art Center!

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The Works

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Paired with: Dorothea Greenbaum, David, Cast Bronze, 1930.