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portraits cover winter/spring issue 2018

Voices of Truth

(Winter/Spring 2018)
Our English and Communication faculty, alumni and current editor of The Saint Anselm Crier share their own experiences with disreputable source, and how they are sniffing out (and snuffing out) misinformation in today's media-filled world.

portraits cover fall 2017

Dedicated to Diversity

(Fall 2017)
Student leaders preparing for the Class of 2021 were clear about a high priority in meeting with President Steven R. DiSalvo at the start of this academic year: their first questions were all about diversity and inclusiveness.

portraits cover spring/summer 2017

The Mysteries to be Lived: Journey of Christian Initiation

(Spring/Summer 2017)
Deep discussions in philosophy class; walking 17 miles a day with blistered feet to raise money for charity; praying together at Wednesday night Mass -- just a day in the life of a Saint Anselm College student. This uniquely thoughtful college experience, unsurprisingly, often turns out to be a personal pilgrimage, where young adults ask, "Who am I? Who do I want to be?" Questions lead to answers, which point a new path; and for some, an intimate journey in faith.