In January of 2019, the Humanities Institute launched a new Minor in Humanities that features team-taught, interdisciplinary courses with faculty from twelve different departments. Students enrolling in HU courses will be building upon their first year Conversatio seminar experiences where they examined life’s big questions with their classmates. They will also have the opportunity to complement their major area of study with a minor that examines in a variety of ways the values, beliefs, history, and art that shape our humanity.

The following Humanities courses are currently in the Saint Anselm catalogue or in the approval stages:

  • Gender in Literature and Music
  • Leo Tolstoy, Art, and Modern Russia
  • Crime Films in American Society
  • Paris – New York in the 1920’s and 1930’s
  • Mid-Victorian History and Literature
  • England’s Early Modern Catholic Underground
  • Confucian Thinkers
  • The Benedictines
  • Catholic Education
  • Hispanic American History
  • Shakespeare and Political Power
  • The Qu’ran, Culture, Conflicts: An Introduction to Islam
  • The Art of Science: Using Homer to Heal Wounded Warriors
  • Spatial History: Mapping Politics, Economics, and Culture with ArcCIS
  • Ancient Democracy in Theory and Practice