All library sessions are tailored to specific class assignments and most often include hands-on active learning activities that enable student to practice their research and information literacy skills, as well as begin their research with the librarian and course instructor present. Library sessions may cover any number of topics, such as how to search the library's databases and how to critically evaluate sources.

Classroom sessions are best scheduled to take place at the point of need for students; so, realistically, a couple of weeks before a paper or project is due. They may also be scaffolded to fit within a research process or sequence, such as a session on literature reviews prior to an annotated bibliography assignment, a session on advanced search strategies before the due date of a first draft, and an open lab session before the due date of a final draft. These sessions could be an entire class period or shorter depending on the needs and requirements of the course and assignments.

Library Classroom

The purpose of the library classroom, located in the upper level of Geisel Library, is to provide an active learning space for students' information literacy development. Up to 24 persons fit comfortably in the space with moveable furniture that may be configured to support various pedagogical needs. The space includes laptops to facilitate hands-on exploration and is equipped with a wide range of instructional technologies that make sessions more interactive and effective. Technologies in the classroom include:

  • a wifi touch-enabled projector/screen,
  • document camera,
  • wireless keyboard/mouse,
  • surround-sound audio system, and
  • instructor console.

Contact John Dillon with questions or for more information about the technology in the classroom.

Classroom Use Policy

Use of the classroom is limited to purposes that support the mission of the library’s Research and Information Literacy Instruction program. The space is not intended for use as a regular classroom for faculty and instructors. Exceptions to this policy will be reviewed on an as needed basis. 

Contact Melinda Malik with questions or for more information about using the Library Classroom.