Our Research and Information Literacy Instruction program includes outreach to our internal and external community partners. We work with campus groups and local high schools to help students develop their information literacy skills in order to not only prepare high quality research papers and presentations, but also to support community needs.

Outreach is a critical component to our library mission as we seek to promote academic discovery and discourse outside of the classroom through programming and information resources that offer varied perspectives and ideas.

Contact Melinda Malik if you are interested in learning more about how we may work together.

Campus Groups

Our instruction program offers support to campus groups seeking to understand where to find, how to evaluate, and/or how to use information on certain topics or in certain contexts. This may take the form of individual or group consultations, or other collaborations capitalizing on our information expertise.

A primary example is our customized research consultations for students conducting research for community partners through the Meelia Center’s Research in Support of Community program. We help students identify and access the best information resources to write reports or prepare presentations to answer specific questions or research needs within the local/regional community.

We seek to support our campus community in any way we can and look forward to hearing your ideas.

Local High Schools

For many years we have worked with librarians and teachers in local high schools to identify ways in which we may collaborate to provide research help and resources to high school students. While we customize lessons based on the needs of each group of students, they all generally provide an introduction to college-level research and resources and exploration of key information literacy concepts.

We invite you to contact us to discuss ways we may work together to reach your goals.