A-men is a Christian men’s group centered around community and faith. They meet weekly and  discuss topics centered around virtue, bible passages, and what it is like to be a Christian man in today's society and culture. A-men is a space for Christian men who want to grow in their relationship with God to come together, learn from each other, and support each other in their journey.


Athlete Bible Study

The Athlete Bible Study is a weekly group for athletes who want to explore the intersection of their faith and their sport. The group meets weekly to reflect on Scripture.



Delight chapters work with their leadership teams to create and host service, worship, and community-building events throughout the year. Delight is a space where women of all faith backgrounds can come together for supportive conversations about pursuing a relationship with Jesus.


First-Year Faith and Fellowship

This group is designed to be a place for freshmen and transfer students to share their faith in a new environment and acclimate to the faith community at Saint Anselm College. In addition to meeting regularly, we also attend campus events together, faith-sharing groups, sports games, lectures, and so on.


Good Grief

Good Grief is a support group coordinated by upperclassmen for students who have lost a loved one (parent, sibling, friend, relative, etc.). It was started by students who needed someone to talk to about their grief outside a formal counseling environment. Founded around 2017, the students named it “Good Grief” to stress the importance of the grieving process and the good that comes from the support of a community. Participants discover that the effects of grief are common regardless of the circumstances and that grief is best addressed with empathy rather than sympathy. The group meets regularly (usually weekly) because of the need and the group’s effectiveness. All students are welcome.



Hope is a faith-based group that meets once a week. All people are welcome, regardless of where you are on your faith journey. While we will be reading from the Christian Bible and discussing Jesus and the Christian faith, please know that anyone of any faith is welcome to come, listen to others, and share their heart.


Orthodox Christian Fellowship

The Orthodox Christian Fellowship is a group of students from all Christian traditions who come together to discuss topics related to faith and spirituality. They are always open to new members, regardless of your religious background.