Rooted in Catholic tradition and inspired by the Benedictine Hallmarks, Campus Ministry is committed to cultivating the faith of all Anselmians. We strive to be an example to others of an inclusive faith community that celebrates the dignity of every person. Check these FAQs, and feel free to contact with any other questions you might have.


What if I'm not Catholic: can I still get involved in Campus Ministry?

Yes, Campus Ministry Welcomes You! 

You are warmly invited to participate in all aspects of Campus Ministry. We offer a variety of programs, events, and opportunities for spiritual growth and connection. We understand that each individual has a unique spiritual journey, and we are dedicated to supporting you on your own personal path. We welcome and support initiatives that would reach and better accommodate all of our students' spiritual growth.


What other faith communities are there near Saint Anselm College?

A list of local houses of worship is available at the bottom of the page. Please reach out to to help you connect to these local communities.


I still have questions: who can I talk to?

You are always welcome to stop by our office at 109 Jean Student Center or send us an email at


Local Houses of Worship