Subiaco is an annual weekend-long Campus Ministry retreat. Named after a place in Italy where a young Saint Benedict sought refuge and escape from the chaos of the crumbling Roman Empire, Subiaco is a weekend retreat off campus where Anselmians can get a much-needed escape from the busy student life. Subiaco is a place of peace, quiet, and prayer where students can grow their spiritual life in an atmosphere of comfort and Benedictine hospitality.


Women's Retreat

Campus Ministry holds an annual day-long women’s retreat during Holy Week. It is open to all women on campus, including students, faculty, staff, and administrators. This Women’s Retreat is a great opportunity for women in our community to get together and pray, reflect, and share in a safe, nourishing environment that encourages dialogue on women’s experiences of faith.


Evening Retreats

Evening retreats are on-campus opportunities for members of the Saint Anselm College community to gather and listen to a speaker share about a specific topic related to spirituality, life, or prayer. These retreats are open to all and typically last three hours, including time for prayer, sharing, and community.