*Please note that turnaround time for physical materials may be slightly longer in Fall 2020 due to COVID-19.

Interlibrary loan services are available to current students, faculty, staff, and monastery only.

About Interlibrary Loan

  • Requesting materials through ILL

    Before requesting an item, check the Journal Finder and the online catalog, to make sure we don’t already have access to it. Even articles that show no full-text availability through one database may be accessible through another.

    Items can be requested by logging in to your ILL account and filling out the correct form (article, book, etc.) under “Make New Request” (one item per request).

    Items found through one of our databases may be requested using the WebBridge or Full-text Finder links (“request via Geisel Library Interlibrary Loan”).

  • Eligible Materials and Request Limits

    Most books, articles, and book chapters for which we do not have access can be requested through Interlibrary Loan. Items in our collection, but currently unavailable may also be requested. You may submit requests for audiovisual materials, but audio, feature films, and non-educational TV shows may be difficult to obtain, as they are typically only borrowed from in-state libraries. Textbooks for classes should not be borrowed through ILL.

    There is no maximum number of items that you may request at one time, but we encourage you to only request items you will use, as there are costs involved for the Library. If we are experiencing a high volume of requests, we may only be able to process 5 requests per person per day; we recommend submitting requests in order of necessity.

  • Receiving ILL Materials

    Turn-around time for receipt of most materials is 1 to 2 weeks. You may check the status of a request by logging in to your ILL account or contacting the ILL Office.

    You will receive an email when your item arrives. Physical loans (e.g. books) are picked up at the Circulation Desk. Some items, such as fragile books and microforms, may be “In-Library Use Only.” Articles and book chapters are delivered electronically to your ILL account (under “Received Articles”) as PDFs. Be sure to download your articles, as the PDFs will disappear from your account after 90 days.

  • Due Dates and Renewing ILL Materials

    Due dates may be viewed online and found on the slip included in borrowed items. Renewals may be requested beginning 7 days before the due date. The slip will indicate if renewals are allowed for that item. If you have questions about renewal eligibility, contact the ILL Office.

    To request a renewal, log in to your ILL account and select “Renew Materials.” Once you have selected an item to renew, the due date will be tentatively changed. When the lending library grants or denies the renewal, you will be informed via email and the due date will be updated.

  • Complete Interlibrary Loan Policy

    For information regarding overdue penalties, charges for unreturned/damaged materials, and other policies, refer to our complete Interlibrary Loan Policy.