• Collection Development

    Collection development is the process of selecting appropriate materials to support the curriculum and research needs of our students and faculty. Resources that are selected include books, e-books, periodicals, DVDs, CDs, and online databases.

    To submit a suggestion for library acquisition, please review our complete policy and procedures.

    Book and Audio-Visual Purchase Requests

  • Circulation

    For circulation related questions, contact the Circulation Desk and they will either assist you immediately or connect you to the appropriate party.

    Borrowing Privileges

    A valid Saint Anselm ID card must be presented at the time of check out. Some library collections do not circulate and can only be used in house. Examples of these collections include: reference books, periodicals, reserve items, special collections, and archival material.

      Books CDs, DVDs,
    & Videos
    SAC Students 30 days (3 renewals) 7 days (1 renewal)
    Faculty, Staff, Monastery One semester (2 renewals) 14 days (1 renewal)
    NHCUC 14 days (2 renewals) In house use only
    Alumni 30 days (1 renewal) 7 days (1 renewal)
    Local Clergy 30 days (1 renewal) 7 days (1 renewal)
    Special Patrons 14 days (2 renewals) 7 days (1 renewal)
    Faculty Emeritus* 30 days (1 renewal) 14 days (1 renewal)

    * Faculty Emeritus may borrow up to ten books.


    Renewals of Geisel Library collections are possible if the item is not needed by another patron. Renewals may be requested online or by contacting the Circulation Desk.

    Renew Interlibrary Loan books by logging into your ILL account.

    Overdue Fines and Penalties

    Borrowers may be charged overdue fines of fifty cents ($0.50) per day/per item for all materials not returned or renewed by the due date. After 21 days overdue, all non-returned items are considered "lost" and the borrower will be billed a replacement charge plus processing and billing fees. Some fees may be refunded if the item is returned within one year of the due date. After one year, no refund is given. The Library reserves the right to revoke library privileges of anyone who has accrued excessive library charges, ignores recall notices, or who willfully damages library property.

    Overdue interlibrary loan charges adhere to the policies of the lending library.

    NHCUC Cooperative Library Program

    The New Hampshire College and University Council (NHCUC) Cooperative Library Program offers students, faculty, and staff from NH colleges access to library facilities of all the consortium schools as well as to city, town and state libraries.

    Your valid Saint Anselm ID allows library privileges** at the following consortium schools:

    • Colby-Sawyer College, New London
    • Dartmouth College, Hanover
    • Franklin Pierce College, Rindge
    • Granite State College (many locations)
    • Keene State College, Keene
    • New England College, Henniker
    • New Hampshire Institute of Art, Manchester
    • Plymouth State University, Plymouth
    • Rivier College, Nashua
    • Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester
    • University of New Hampshire, Durham
    • University of New Hampshire, Manchester

    **As determined by each individual institution.

  • Food & Drink

    Geisel Library strives to maintain an environment that is both conducive to study and research as well as appropriate for the protection and preservation of library materials, equipment, furnishings, and technology. Food and beverages attract bugs, rodents, and other unwanted pests that may cause damage to library materials. Geisel Library requires that all patrons follow this policy to help preserve library collections and space.

    • Small snacks and covered beverages are PERMITTED in most areas.
      (Examples of approved snacks include: chips, nuts, energy bars, cookies, and other items sold in the library vending machines.)
    • Meals that are messy, noisy, or strong smelling are NOT PERMITTED in the library.
      (Examples include: pizza, take-out food, sandwiches, salads, ice cream, and food in containers from dining services)
    • Food and beverages of any kind are NOT PERMITTED in any of the special collections rooms.
    • Meals can be eaten in the foyer before entering the library.
    • Deliveries of food to the library are NOT PERMITTED.
    • Spills must be cleaned up immediately. If assistance is needed, contact library staff at any service desk.
    • Dispose of all food and trash in the closest receptacle.

    Library staff reserves the right to ask anyone who does not follow the food policy to stop eating and put or throw their food away. Any patron that does not adhere to the food and beverage policy will be asked to leave the premises.

  • Smoking is Not Permitted

    The library is a “No Smoking” area, use of any tobacco or smoking products (cigarettes, chewing tobacco, etc.) including electronic cigarettes is not permitted. Anyone that does not adhere to this policy will be asked to leave the premises.

  • Course Reserves

    For Faculty

    Submit items for reserve at least one week before they are needed for class. Reserves are processed first come, first served. If you know that you need a book on reserve for the start of the term please make sure to place your request early. The Library does not put articles on reserve, only books and audio visual materials. If the item is a "personal copy" (p.c.), belonging to you or your department, fill out the Reserve Form and bring the form and the item to the Circulation Desk. At the end of the semester you may pick up the item, or a Library staff member will return it to you via inter-office mail.

    To place a request:

    1. Fill out a Reserve Form (available at the Circulation Desk). 
    2. Come to the library with the completed Reserve Form and pull the item(s) from the library stacks. 
    3. Bring the Reserve Form and the item(s) to the Circulation Desk to get processed. 
    4. Both the form and the item(s) need to be brought to the Circulation Desk before the reserve will get processed.

    PLEASE NOTE: Because it is important for the professor to physically verify the edition, volume, and condition of the book that they want on reserve, Library staff will not pull books from the stacks for faculty.

    If you would like a book to be purchased by the Library for your class reserves please contact Gwen Verkuilen-Chevalier.

    For Students

    Your faculty place course reserve materials (either books or media) at the Circulation Desk.Students with a valid Saint Anselm ID may borrow these items for a two-hour period for in-house use only. Reserve materials are available at the Circulation Desk (not accessible from the catalog).

    How to find materials on course reserve:

    Course reserves are organized by course name/number, professor name, and title of the book or media. You may stop by the library's Circulation Desk with this information to borrow the item you need, or you may search our website to see what is available prior to stopping by the Circulation Desk:

    Search for Course Reserves

  • Classroom Use

    Use of the classroom is limited to purposes that support the mission of the library’s Research and Information Literacy Instruction program. The space is not intended for use as a regular classroom for faculty and instructors. Exceptions to this policy will be reviewed on an as needed basis. 

    Contact Melinda Malik with questions or for more information about using the Library Classroom.

  • Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources

    Electronic resources are made available by Geisel Library for use by the students, staff, faculty, and monastic community of Saint Anselm College. Under certain conditions some electronic resources are also available to guests. It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that he or she uses these products only for individual, noncommercial use without systematically downloading, distributing, or retaining substantial portions of information.

    Contractual license agreements and U.S. Copyright Law govern the access, use, and reproduction of these resources. In addition, use of electronic resources must be in compliance with the campus-wide policy on Acceptable Use of Technology.

    Remote access to the library's subscription databases is not permitted for the following groups of people: alumni; relatives of students, faculty or staff; former students; the general public; and research assistants hired by professors who are not also students, faculty or staff. These users are allowed access to these databases on campus only, unless otherwise restricted by the database vendor.

    Licensed Electronic Resources

    Access and use of many electronic resources provided by Geisel Library are governed by license agreements negotiated between Geisel Library and publishers or third parties. In general, these legally binding contracts allow students, staff, faculty, and other authorized users to access these resources for non-commercial, educational, scholarly and research purposes. Users of library-licensed resources must comply with the terms of agreements and be aware that publishers may monitor use of electronic resources to ensure that the terms of their licensing agreements are enforced. Breach of license may lead a publisher/vendor to turn off the College's access without warning.

    In using licensed electronic resources, users must:

    • limit uses to non-commercial, educational, or personal research purposes;
    • not facilitate unauthorized access by others (i.e., do not share one's Saint Anselm College Library account password);
    • not engage in systematic downloading of licensed content (e.g., downloading entire issues of electronic journals or large-scale downloading from databases to create other collections of data);
    • give proper attribution when quoting from material; for assistance with this, see the library's Citing Sources Guide;
    • Note: Many licenses prohibit the downloading and posting of licensed content on another server, even if for use in course web sites or BlackBoard. In general, it is required by the publisher to link to articles (using an appropriate authentication mechanism) rather than to download and post articles to a server. For assistance with this procedure, see the library's Geisel Guide on Creating Persistent Links to Database Articles.

    Copyright and Electronic Resources

    The copying of electronic resources made available by Geisel Library may be governed by both license agreements and U.S. Copyright Law. To learn about how copyright law affects the use of electronic resources at Saint Anselm College, including provisions for "fair use", see the library's Copyright and Fair Use Guide.