The Saint Anselm College "Print Anywhere" system is the college supported network of printers for student use. You will find these networked printers located across campus, accessible through any of our wired labs, or via our wireless network, allowing you to print from your own computer from anywhere on campus.

The system will even hold a document for you up to 48 hours, making it easy to print documents early, and pick them up on your way to or from class.

You can bring your own printer, of course, but our experience has been that students find it easier and less expensive to use the college system. We recommend first-year students try their first semester without a personal printer and add one later if the Print Anywhere system doesn't meet your needs. Save on the cost of ink and paper, and free up valuable space in your room as well.

How the System Works

Saint Anselm College has several student computing centers for your use, all of which are networked to the campus printers. You can print documents from these computers at any time when the lab is open.

These computing centers are:

  • Geisel Library (PC lab)
  • Academic Resource Center (PC lab)
  • New Hampshire Institute of Politics (PC lab)
  • Goulet Science Center (Mac and PC lab)

You can also install the Print Anywhere client (software) onto your computer if you'd like to have wireless printing capabilities. You can do this yourself, or bring your computer to the Help Desk in the office of Information Technology. Current students will find the Print Anywhere user guide with installation instructions available on the MyAnselm Portal. We have found that Chromebooks are incompatible with the current Print Anywhere System.

If you prefer not to install the client, you can store the document on your college-provided network storage, or bring the document on a flash drive to a computing center and use the computers there to print.

Once the appropriate client is installed on your computer, you can print from your computer to the system anywhere you have a wireless network connection on campus.

After you submit a document to print, you can visit any of the campus printers to retrieve your document at a print release station for up to 48 hours after you print it. So print from your room late at night and stop by one of the release stations in the morning!

Print Release Stations

  • A print release station is a computer terminal where you enter your credentials (username and password) to access your documents. This allows you to pick up your documents at your leisure, at the location most convenient to you.
  • Print release stations are located across campus:
    • Geisel Library
    • Academic Resource Center
    • Poisson Hall, Classroom A
    • New Hampshire Institute of Politics, 4000B
    • Goulet Science Center: Weiler Computer Lab
    • Gabois Hall: Learning Resource Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use this system? Can I just bring my own printer?

  • No, you do not have to use this system, but part of your student fees are for the use of campus technology, including printers. You can bring your own printer, if you wish.  Remember, space in your residence hall is limited and you will need a parking place somewhere in your room for a printer. If you must bring a printer, it's easier to bring one that connects directly to your laptop with USB cables rather than a wireless printer. It is difficult to configure wireless printers on the network.


Is there a user guide to using the system?

  • Yes, the user guide is available through the MyAnselm Portal to current students. (Admitted students: you'll receive information about the portal upon your arrival.)


Does this system cost me money?

  • Yes. The cost is imbedded in your Comprehensive Fee. Each student has a "quota" per semester, currently set at 500 pages or 650 double-sided pages. (We may modify this as we continue to evaluate printing needs of students.) If you go over your quota you will be charged for the excessive printing.
  • The unit of measure the system uses is dollars - for a 50 dollar quota a student can get about 650 pages per semester.
  •  The math is 10 cents for one sided and 7.5 for double side prints. Most of our students do not run over the 650 page quota in a semester.
  •  Our figures after four semesters with print management show only about 10% of students require more prints than the 650 per semester quota.


I still have questions, who should I contact?

  • If you have any questions, comments or issues with the Print Anywhere system, please contact us at the Help Desk. We are located in the Library in the Information Commons and open Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.