The New Hampshire Institute of Politics was founded on the premise that an educated citizenry is vital for a healthy democracy. Since its doors opened in 2001, the Institute has provided a nonpartisan forum for discussion and debate on all aspects of the American political process. Its mission is to educateengage and empower citizens to participate in the civic and political life of their local, national and global communities.

The Institute offers unparalleled opportunities to be in the front row of a democratic process that impacts the world. State representatives, U.S. senators, primary candidates, and campaigners are regular visitors, especially during an election cycle. Citizens hear major policy speeches, high level candidate endorsements, interviews with global leaders, and much more. Nowhere else in northern New England are there so many opportunities to meet today's most prominent thinkers.


The work of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics is made possible in part by an award from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), U.S. Department of Commerce. We thank NIST for its generous support.