At the New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library's research center, faculty from a variety of academic disciplines work closely with students, offering special opportunities to explore political phenomena with the benefit of experienced guidance. Project topics include the global economy, interaction of art and politics, sustainable development and environmental conservation, the participation of women as leaders in politics, religion, immigration and local refugee issues.

The center also conducts surveys tracking the political behavior of New Hampshire citizens and sponsors a leadership program for woman students from different colleges. In addition, the research center sponsors a working paper series for professors, publishes online undergraduate e-journals, and hosts a political lunchbox series as well as many lectures by noted scholars and practitioners.


Research Center Coordinators

Neil A. Levesque
Executive Director
New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library 

Jeanne D. Smith Center for the Study of American Democracy and Citizenship

Examines civic education and political life, public attitudes, political activities, and community dimensions.

Research Coordinator:
Andrew Moore, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of HIstory

Center for the Study of New Hampshire Politics and Civic Life

Examines state and local government, campaigns, elections, and the United States presidency. The center also maintains data on New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation Presidential Primary.

Research Coordinator:
Jennifer Lucas, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Politics

Center for the Study of Religion and Public Life

Analyzes the relationships among religion, civic activity, and liberal democracy and also addresses contemporary ethical and public policy issues.

R. Ward Holder
Associate Professor, English