Saint Anselm College Survey Center

The Saint Anselm College Survey Center (SACSC) was founded in the wake of the 2016 election, and launched its first poll in February 2018 as the midterm elections were getting underway. Housed within the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College, the Center conducts quarterly polls of New Hampshire voter attitudes.  This research supports the academic mission of the College, and provides the public at large with insight into political opinion trends that impact the state’s federal and gubernatorial elections.
The Center conducts these quarterly polls via web-based interviews targeted at known registered voters. Sampling and weighting is performed according to a proprietary voter demographic model derived from historical voting patterns as well as response trends. Standard poll questions for registered voter polls include: right track/wrong track; job performance of elected officials; and image of elected officials. Likely voter polls also include image of challengers and ballot tests.  Each poll also includes topical questions designed to identify trends that drive voter attitudes. Tabulated results, including weighted marginals, tables, and analysis, are publicly posted on this website.

Poll Data

For each poll, the NHIOP will release its questionnaire, responses, and methodology statement.