Hands of a nurse folded in prayer

23rd Annual Conference for Parish and Faith Community Health Ministry

In Person

June 8, 2023
8:00 am EDT - 3:00 pm EDT
Location: Gadbois Hall
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Parish nurses respond to emerging health and social dynamics to provide support to their local communities. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the issue of social isolation among all populations - children, youth, adults, and older adults. Loneliness and social isolation contribute to significant physical, behavioral, and psychological health issues.

The goals of this conference are to 1) examine the physical and emotional impacts of loneliness and social isolation, and 2) describe interventions to enhance community connectedness. Participants will explore approaches for specific age groups across communities and will take away practical tools for use in local churches and in their personal and professional interactions.

Join us for this day of conversation, exploration of creative approaches, sharing, and renewal.

Featured Speaker Alyson Breisch MSN, RN-BC

The cost for the Parish Nurse conference is $139

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