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We help communities and organizations address ethical challenges through collaborative research, education, and discussion. Listening to one another, working with each other, and learning from those we disagree with are truly some of the most ethical things we can do.

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Ethics is about what it means to live well for an individual, an organization, or a community. It is not so much about rules and punishment and guilt as it is about the keys to health, happiness, and human flourishing.

— Max Latona, Ph.D.
Max Latona speaking at the unveiling of the NH Zoning Atlas

Executive Director of the Center for Ethics in Society (CES), Max Latona is Professor of Philosophy at Saint Anselm College and the former Richard L. Bready Chair of Ethics, Economics, and the Common Good. He received his doctorate in philosophy from Boston College in 2001, and has published numerous articles in the area of ethics and ancient Greek philosophy. Max’s community activities, corporate leadership, and Executive Director’s work at the CES are guided by his belief that organizations and communities across the nation are desperately in need of opportunities for development, especially for reflection, dialogue, and collaboration on the ethical issues and challenges that they face.


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