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There’s no reason to wait until graduate school to join faculty in their research. At Saint Anselm, students of all majors are researching, writing, performing, studying, and creating. The results of their work range from published papers to oil paintings to interactive poster projects, and are celebrated by the college through the annual S.O.A.R. Program.


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Our faculty are invested in the student research experience, so any student who wants a research project can propose or find a project. While we may have you may be photocopying or cleaning glassware in the beginning, you will quickly transition to your own project, working closely with faculty, discussing literature, analyzing data, and getting hands-on experience with all of the equipment and instrumentation needed for the success of your project.

— Carolyn Weinreb, chair and associate professor, Chemistry Department

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Working one-on-one with faculty, you could be trained on equipment, terminology, and library resources, learning important skills and developing valuable relationships.

Real research leads you to wider opportunities and career paths. With the help of faculty who are experts in their field and dedicated to your success, you’ll get into the graduate school of your choice or land the job of your dreams.