Old Man on the Mountain

An Enduring Presence: The Old Man of the Mountain

In Person

February 23, 2024
8:00 am EST - 4:30 pm EST
Location: New Hampshire Institute of Politics

We invite you to visit the pop-up exhibit, "An Enduring Presence: The Old Man of the Mountain," curated by the Museum of the White Mountains. On loan from the museum, this exhibit commemorates the 20th anniversary of the iconic symbol's fall in May 2003.

Discover the profound impact of the "Old Man" profile, its identity as a New Hampshire state symbol, and its role in political and commercial materials. At the 150th “Birthday Party” for the Old Man, President Eisenhower asked, “What does the Old Man think of us?” What would he think of us today?

Located in the Institute's lobby, this exhibit is a visual timeline, exploring the cultural significance of the Old Man of the Mountain. On display through February 2024. View the Online Exhibit Here.

Funding provided by New Hampshire Humanities.

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