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Living a Courageous Life: Have you got what it takes?

In Person

October 3, 2023
5:00 pm EDT - 7:00 pm EDT
Location: New Hampshire Institute of Politics

Please join the Center for Ethics in Society on October 3rd, as Dr. Annabel Beerel examines the role of courage in both institutional and personal life. 

We begin with a discussion of the escalation of corporate crime over the past five years, the scale of employee involvement and the consequences to both individuals and society. This follows with an exploration into how courage is commonly understood, and why so many people were and are complicit in blatantly unethical behavior. What inhibits or detracts them from taking the courageous path of not engaging in ethical misdemeanors and/or whistleblowing? Through discussions and case studies we examine why we struggle to be courageous and wherein lie the major inhibitors.
The event will conclude with a discourse on a normative framework for defining courage and with examples of how we can strengthen our own capacities for courage. 

We invite you to participate in this time of courageous self-reflection. (Please note, dinner is included with this event.)

Dr. Beerel, an Executive Leadership and Ethics consultant, hosts a variety of seminars on Leadership, Change Management, Ethics and Mindfulness. She is the former Distinguished Chair of Ethics at SNHU and interim Dean of Religious Life at Wellesley College. She has written several books on leadership and ethics and speaks at a variety of conferences.

Dr. Annabell Beerell
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