Anselmian Donors, Anselmian Stories

At Saint Anselm College, we share a powerful story. It is a story of collective accomplishments and the moments that define who we are.

Our stories have a great deal in common, and for many Anselmians, their story includes reasons for giving back. Here are some stories of Anselmian commitment and support.

Do these stories sound like your reasons for giving back?

If you are interested in supporting Saint Anselm College at any level, you can make your gift online here or please contact Julie O'Connor, Assistant Vice President, Annual Giving at or (603) 641-7165 for more information.

Read the Stories

Donald Norris '11 with wife Maggie and their daughter Rosemary Josephine

I support Saint Anselm College because it has given me a tremendous amount for which to be thankful. I was fortunate to start a career in a field I am very passionate about, something for which I feel I owe the school a bit of a thank-you. Over the years I have met alumni working in financial services, who are always looking to assist one another and I would like to keep this tradition going.

I had a phenomenal experience during my time at Saint A’s. I initially became interested in the school through my involvement with the hockey team during the recruiting process. Upon arriving on campus, I quickly connected with a group of future friends I am still very close with today.

I studied financial economics while at Saint Anselm and will be the first to say the school holds their students to a higher standard. The challenging course work provided a strong foundation for my work in financial services. The rigorous curriculum taught me to take my time and think things through thoroughly, which I feel is lacking with others entering today’s workforce.

Upon graduation I began my career with State Street Global Advisors, working for Trustee Barry F.X. Smith ’87 and alongside Matt Steinaway ’90 and Mike Spellman ’00—three of the most impressive individuals in the investment management business whom I will always look up to as mentors and role models.

The ultimate gift the school has given me is my wife, Maggie, who I met our sophomore year. We actually got engaged on the steps to Alumni Hall, and have since welcomed our own future Anselmian, Rosemary Josephine.

Giving back, to me, means there will be another student who will benefit from similar experiences that I had. I spent two years participating on the golf team for Coach Driscoll. Frank is very passionate about the college, and someone his players learn a wealth of knowledge from. He and I are still close, and I always look to assist the school’s program in any way possible.

Anselmian alumni seem to all have a similar affection for their time on campus. It’s evident through the life-long friendships built. By supporting the school you are able to assist in making sure others have the same opportunity.