It's hard to believe four years goes by so quickly! Over these last four years, you have learned what it truly means to be Anselmian.  The Senior Class Gift is your opportunity to support the activities, programs, and students that make Saint Anselm what it is today.  By joining together with your class, you can make a difference in the lives of your peers and the next generations of Anselmians. 

You can choose what area of the college to support—scholarship aid, Service and Solidarity trips, athletics, or countless other choices. Think about what area of Saint Anselm has impacted your experience the most! Making your Senior Class Gift will help your class leave its legacy at Saint Anselm College.

What is it?

The Senior Class Gift is a student driven campaign that educates seniors on the importance of supporting the college.

Please consider donating to the Senior Class Gift Campaign today →

Why give?

Donating not only helps the college, but also funds a brighter future for our fellow Anselmians.  Tuition only covers a portion of what it costs for each student to attend Saint Anselm College. The rest of the cost for students to attend the college is absorbed through donations. By contributing to the Senior Class Gift you can help future Anselmians, just like past Anselmians have helped shape your journey.


What is a "donor based" campaign?

Giving is about more than a monetary donation.  Participation increases the college's rankings in U.S. News and World Report and encourages young alumni to donate as well.  Senior Class Gift is a donor based campaign, meaning the campaign goals are based off participation, rather than money earned. Consistent giving, even at modest levels, in the years immediately following graduation increases likelihood that one would become a major donor later in life.  Alumni participation rates are 1 of the 7 factors considered by U.S. News and World Report when evaluating and ranking colleges and universities.

For more information please contact Abby Yerrington, Assistant Director of Annual Giving,, 603-641-7555


Class of 2024 Senior Class Gift Committee

Sean Collins, Co- Chair
Hometown: Exeter, NH

Natalie O'Connor, Co-Chair
Hometown: Longmeadow, MA

Owen Leddy
Hometown: Milton, MA

Jacqueline Labovitz
Hometown: Holden, MA

Carly Zinko
Hometown: Winthrop, MA

Luke Chadwick
Hometown: Boxford, MA

Liam Mawn
Hometown: Harwich, MA

Emma Pelletier
Hometown: Kennebunk, ME

Grace Tierney
Hometown: Merrimac, MA

Madison Friedman
Hometown: Fremont, NH