Commemorating the year Saint Anselm College was founded, the 1889 Society recognizes those generous and forward-thinking alumni and friends who have included the college in their estate planning. These generous and insightful donors strengthen the college’s future while enjoying tax benefits and recognition today.

These gifts help the college plan for future programs; they also provide our benefactors with opportunities to make a statement of priority with their estate plans.

Planned and estate gifts also allow the college to prepare for growth or strategic initiatives and help our donors meet their own financial planning objectives.

Planned Giving: Your Generosity, Our Future

Let us help you tailor your charitable gift to your financial, tax, or estate planning objectives.

Planned or legacy giving is an increasingly popular way for individuals of all financial circumstances to make charitable gifts. Planning your giving enables you to arrange charitable contributions in ways that maximize your personal objectives.

There are a variety of plans designed to ensure that your gift will be put to the best possible use at the college while fitting your own financial needs and objectives.

To discuss your financial, tax, or estate planning objectives further, or learn more about the 1889 Society, please contact:

Peter M. Labombarde, CFSC
Senior Director of Gift Planning
P: 603-641-7228
C: 603-714-2322