CCM Web Services is responsible for maintaining the College’s official web presence. For general questions about your unit’s web presence or if you’re unsure where to start, please submit your question through our Web Request Form and a member of the Web Services team will reach out to you.


Services We Offer

Web strategy and design

From evaluating your current web presence to identifying opportunities for new ways of presenting content, we are available to assist. 

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Content refresh

We conduct scheduled reviews of our digital environment to ensure that content and features are up-to-date, compliant, and effective.

If you would like your content refreshed, send us a note


Accessibility audits

Our goal is to maintain WCAG standards and ADA compliance across the environment. CCM Web Services conducts scheduled spot checks to ensure that our web environment is accessible and that all users have a comparable experience.

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Data and analytics

Data-driven decisions inform our decisions in the digital space. CCM Web Services conducts scheduled data and analytics analyses on individual properties as well as on our web environment as a whole.

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New feature development

If you are interested in a feature, or see something that you think would be great for, send us a note