The Saint Anselm College Statement on Inclusiveness, Statement on Inclusiveness and Sexual Orientation and Nondiscrimination Policy all highlight the institution's commitment to diversity and inclusion. However, transforming an institution requires more than words, good will, and good intentions.

The President's Committee on Diversity and Inclusiveness is a dedicated group of faculty, staff and students who aid the Saint Anselm community in outlining and achieving its strategic, diversity goals. Beyond this committee, people across the college have been diligently working to support inclusive efforts. The addition of an inclusive component to the New Student Orientation Program, creation of a Sexual Orientation Task Force and assessment initiatives, such as the Campus Climate Survey, are important milestones on this journey.

In order to realize our mission as a Catholic, Benedictine, liberal arts college, Saint Anselm College is committed to sustaining an intentionally inclusive environment that will benefit all constituencies. In particular, the college is committed to providing students with the richest opportunities to learn, both in the classroom and within the environment of the college community as a whole.

We accomplish this, in part, by fostering understanding, experience, and appreciation of the world's diversity through the academic curriculum, with its spirit of scholarly inquiry and respectful discourse; through a variety of service, co-curricular, religious, and academic activities and support mechanisms; and through the different perspectives and backgrounds of the members of our community.

Committed to our Catholic mission, Saint Anselm College aspires to bring together a faculty, staff, and student body that enhances this educational endeavor with diverse scholarly interests, ideas, beliefs, experience, talents, and racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.