Community and public health is an interdisciplinary science seeking to understand, promote, and protect the health of people and their communities. It is an academic discipline that focuses on preventing and mitigating disease outbreaks and confronting systemic health challenges that affect populations, and is strongly rooted in principles of health equity, social justice and addressing local and global disparities in health. 


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The Community and Public Health major critically examines disease prevention and systemic health challenges through the lens of civic responsibility and service. The interdisciplinary program pulls from the expertise of multiple departments including our nationally-ranked nursing program, biology, psychology, and sociology, to provide an experience rich in science, public policy, civics, and ethics. Local community engagement opportunities give students time in-the-field to explore their options and gain valuable experience. Students graduate prepared for a career that through education, policy-making, or research, promotes health and improves the lives of individuals and communities on a local, state, and global level.

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Our goal with the Community and Public Health major is to empower students with knowledge and experience for the challenges of creating and sustaining healthy communities both locally and globally.

— Professor Tauna Sisco