Designed for highly motivated students wishing to strengthen their critical thinking skills and engage in intensive research projects, the Honors Program at Saint Anselm College is distinguished by rigorous coursework and opportunities to apply your learning in challenging academic and real-world settings.

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Honors Courses: Honors program classes are usually smaller (about 15 students) to allow for more student engagement.

Community: A variety of social activities, lectures, and events are held each year. The Honors Student Advisory Council provides a forum for student planning and communication.

Individual Initiative: Honors students are encouraged to shape their research projects and courses around their interests. The college makes every effort to be flexible in meeting academic needs for scheduling independent study, study abroad, and other special requests.

Recognition: Graduates who complete the Honors Program are recognized with an Honors Bachelor of Arts, Honors Bachelor of Science or Honors Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Honors degrees are especially valuable for students seeking to continue their education in graduate and professional schools.