Business Administration
Offered as a major (B.A.) with a concentration

The Business Administration major with concentrations in Management and International Business at Saint Anselm College is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the disciplines that underpin decision-making in organizations: economics, accounting, operations, marketing, finance, and management.

The major is offered with a concentration in either management or international business. Learn more about the learning goals of these majors on our outcomes page.

Featured Course

BU430: Strategic Management Capstone
The course integrates all of the business disciplines, i.e. accounting, finance, marketing, operations and management into real-business applications through the use of a business simulation and the development of a business plan. In this course students will learn:

  • How companies obtain and maintain a competitive advantage.
  • How company goals are achieved.
  • How company growth is sustained.
  • How to maintain a cohesive organization.