Monumental Ideas, Inventive Solutions

There’s no reason to wait until graduate school to do real research. At Saint Anselm, we consider research an integral part of an undergraduate education, so no matter your major, you’ll find opportunities to study a subject in-depth.

Saint Anselm students are studying the development of cancer, compiling data on the Civil War, investigating media’s portrayal of women in politics. They’re pushing toward real breakthroughs. They’re even getting their names published in academic journals and presenting at conferences around the country.

Valuable Skills

In the labs and in the field, our students are gaining valuable skills and understanding of the world around them. Working one-on-one with faculty, they’re trained on equipment, terminology, and library resources, and can bounce ideas off each other and their mentors along the way.

Real research leads you to wider opportunities and career paths. With the help of faculty who are experts in their field and dedicated to your success, you’ll get into the graduate school of your choice or land the job of your dreams.

  • Graduate School
  • Career and Internships
  • Academic Advising

Celebrating Research

Saint Anselm students of all majors are researching, writing, performing, studying, and creating. The results of their work range from published papers to oil paintings to interactive poster projects, and are celebrated by the college through the annual S.O.A.R. Program. The series of events sponsored by S.O.A.R. showcases the outstanding research and artwork by our students across disciplines.