Mental Health Resources 

Below is a compiled list of mental health resources and websites for students to reference. For medical/emotional issues that need urgent care seek treatment at Catholic Medical Center, 100 McGregor Street or Elliot Hospital, One Elliot Way. Students are responsible for paying fees charged by off campus providers. 

  • Call “911” from your cell or campus phone 
  • Health Services After Hours Counseling Emergency: (603) 641-7000 
  • NAMI NH: (800) 242-6264 
  • Manchester Mental Health Center: (603) 668-4111 
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 
  • ULifeline 
  • Suicide Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) 
  • Women’s Crisis Line (24-hour service) (603) 668-2299 
  • YWCA Walk-in Center: 72 Concord Street, Manchester, NH (603) 625-5785 


Counseling Services

To schedule an appointment, please call (603) 641-7028 

Monday - Friday: by appointment 

After-hours Emergency: (603) 641-7000 - ask for the counselor on call 

For medical/emotional issues that need urgent care, seek treatment at Catholic Medical Center, 100 McGregor Street, or Elliot Hospital, One Elliot Way. Students are responsible for paying fees charged by off-campus providers. 

Consistent with the holistic philosophy of Health Services the primary goal of the Counseling Service is to foster the emotional development and well-being of the Saint Anselm Student. As a goal-directed and time-limited counseling service, professionals are available to provide individual and group counseling, as well as information, resources, and referrals, pertaining to mental health issues. Some of the issues that professionals help with include adjusting to college, relationship and roommate conflict, family problems, depressions, anxiety, grief, substance, eating disorders, sexual assault, or intimate partner violence. The counseling service also provides outreach and educational programs to students regarding mental health issues. 

Students may call (603) 641-7028 or stop by Health Services to make an appointment with a counselor. Also Residential Life staff, faculty members, and friends are encouraged to refer students whom they believe will benefit from counseling services. These services are available to all full time matriculated students at no additional charge. Information discussed with the counseling staff is confidential and is not a part of the student’s academic record. For some students a referral to an outside agency may be appropriate. In such instances, the student is responsible for expenses incurred. 

24 hour notice is required for cancellation of appointment or a $20.00 fee will be incurred. 


Uwill Additional Mental Health Support


Saint Anselm College Health Services are pleased to announce a partnership with Uwill, a leading mental health platform for colleges and universities. Our partnership with Uwill offers St. A’s students a secure and convenient way to receive online-based counseling services should the need arise. A student can access teletherapy after hours, in their own state and/or over the summer when Health Services is not readily available.

With Uwill, you receive free immediate access to teletherapy with a therapist of your choice.

  • Choose a therapist based on your preferences including issue, gender, language, ethnicity
  • Choose a time that fits your schedule with day, night and weekend availability
  • Choose your appointment type - video, phone, chat, or message

Access is quick and easy. You may access Uwill by visiting to register using your Saint Anselm email.

There is no cost to use Uwill. You will receive  counseling credits (3 sessions) that can be used for your counseling. Video, phone, chat and message-based therapy options are all available to you.

For help with getting started, Uwill offers the following support tools: 

Have additional questions? View our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please note: The Uwill telehealth platform and the counselors working within it are not controlled or supervised by Saint Anselm College. Health Services will not receive information about your use of services without your direct consent.


Health Education Programming 

C.H.O.I.C.E.S. Alcohol & Other Drug Education Program 

This program is designed to create awareness and explore attitudes about alcohol and other drug use. The program begins with a pre-matriculation on-line prevention program. The next level is based on participative learning techniques such as individual sessions, group discussions, experiential exercises and critical thinking. Referrals or questions can be directed to the Health Services 603-641-7028. 



A personal 2-session motivational interviewing format with a counselor which uses a harm reduction approach with a goal of moving a student in the direction of reducing risky behaviors and harmful effects from drinking or cannabis.