*Please note: This article is a student blog written by a Kevin B. Harrington Student Ambassador. The Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for Saint Anselm College students of any major to be involved in supporting the Institute's various events and activities. To learn more about our student ambassadors please visit the NHIOP website.

On April 15, 2024, the latest installment of Pizza & Politics was held in the West Wing of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics. The special guest was Communication major Kathryn Williams ’24, who highlighted her experiences at Saint Anselm College. During her time on the Hilltop, she has worked for “The Crier,” served as a Kevin B. Harrington Student Ambassador, interned for WMUR, and started a podcast called “Belief and Ballots.” The podcast focuses on the intersection of religion and politics in today’s political climate.

Belief & Ballots: An American podcast on faith in the public sphere.

The Pizza & Politics event concluded with a brief Q&A where fellow students asked questions about internships, job opportunities, and the current political climate.

I sat down with her after the event and asked some additional questions:

What about the podcast format do you like compared to other types of media

Podcasts are much more of a conversation than other types of media. With other types of media, you have to be very concise and are forced to leave out details. Podcasts allow the participants to explore many different topics in greater depth. For the “Belief and Ballots” podcast, we try to make all episodes a similar length but there is plenty of flexibility if we want to go further into a specific topic. Podcasting is a very personable style of media.

How important do you think voting is, especially for young people? 

Voting is very important for our generation due to our ability to come together and make real change. It makes sense why many young people are dissuaded from becoming involved in politics due to the division and the unlikeable candidates in recent elections. However, choosing not to make your voice heard makes it difficult to make change and it is important to do your part.


Kathryn Williams behind a microphone

What has been your favorite NHIOP-related memory at Saint A's? 

Politics & Eggs with former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie was a notable experience because it was my first major in-person event that I got to be involved in. My freshman year was in 2020, and there was a lack of in-person events due to the pandemic. Governor Christie was very friendly and personable and even gave me his business card. He was very understanding and answered my questions in great detail. I wrote about the event for the Institute and “The Crier.” I entered the article I wrote for “The Crier” in a contest for government reporting for the New England Newspaper and Press Association and won the contest.

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