*Please note: This article is a student blog written by a Kevin B. Harrington Student Ambassador. The Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for Saint Anselm College students of any major to be involved in supporting the Institute's various events and activities. To learn more about our student ambassadors please visit the NHIOP website.

On Wednesday April 5, 2023 at 8 a.m., New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu stopped by the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College for a morning of breakfast and political discussion hosted in collaboration by the New England Council.

Gov. Chris Sununu at the NHIOP

Approximately 200 guests pre-registered for the event, filling the NHIOP Auditorium with a variety of individuals including staff, Kevin B. Harrington Student Ambassadors, and sponsors of the New England Council such as AARP New Hampshire, Eversource, and Bank of America.

Gov. Sununu, currently serving his fourth term as New Hampshire’s 82nd governor, focused his address on what sets the state apart. He highlighted his past achievements as governor and suggested how New Hampshire could serve as a model for the United States, “I have 201 republicans in my house right now. I’ve got 199 democrats. We’ve still got to get stuff done. We’re the example.”

Gov. Sununu stressed that a closely divided government is not a blockade, but an opportunity. “Anyone who tells you Congress is too tight to get anything done, it’s just the opposite. Huge opportunity to reach across the aisle.”

Crowd attending Gov. Sununus talk at the NHIOP

The governor commented on the condition of the federal government, expressing his frustration with the U.S Senate, nation-wide inflation, and gerrymandering. He also shared his support for term limits for political offices, “It is not a political career. It’s service. Term limits are absolutely essential.”

New Hampshire’s tax policy was another talking point for the governor who summed up his own beliefs in the following words: “You get to keep your money.” Gov. Sununu expounded upon that statement saying, “You have other states that ignore inflation and just pile on the taxes, and it hurts low-income families the most. That’s your skilled labor. That’s your younger workers.”

Following his remarks, Gov. Sununu took questions from attendees who voiced concerns regarding the economy and federal regulations. Guests took the opportunity to ask his opinion on issues surrounding social security, healthcare for the elderly, and affordable housing. 

When asked his view on the current playing field of the 2024 presidential election, specifically regarding former president Donald Trump, the governor responded, “No, he’s not going to win. I firmly believe that. When you look at all the logical pathways, who is undecided on Donald Trump?”

Many attempted to press the governor on the potential of his own possible presidential candidacy in 2024, to which he replied, “People have asked me to run, and I very well may run. We’ll see where it goes, but I’ll say this: I’m not sitting this one out.”