Mayor F. X. Suarez speaks at the NHIOP

*Please note: This article is a student blog written by a Kevin B. Harrington Student Ambassador. The Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for Saint Anselm College students of any major to be involved in supporting the Institute's various events and activities. To learn more about our student ambassadors please visit the NHIOP website.

Mayor Francis Suarez joined the New Hampshire Institute of Politics (NHIOP) on April 18, 2023, for the second installment of the American Stage Series. During his discussion he highlighted his accomplishments as the mayor of Miami and how his family background inspired him to seek public office. With enthusiasm and charm, Suarez started the program by personally introducing himself and shaking hands with everyone in attendance.

Suarez was first elected as city of Miami commissioner for District 4 in 2009. In 2017 he won the mayoral race in a landslide capturing nearly 86% of the vote. He is also the first Miami born person to become mayor of the city. Since his decisive victory, Suarez has worked to help his constituents by tackling a variety of social issues in Miami.

The mayor described the homicide and homelessness rates are at all-time lows, he set up accounts for K-12 students to be able to receive the education they deserve and is now overseeing the creation of a new charter school that will be completely free opening in August 2023. Suarez spoke how his father inspires him and being a part of his father's campaign for the mayoral seat in the 1980s lead to the man he prides himself on being today. Later, he teased a potential run for the White House on the 2024 Republican ticket. 

As he continued with enthusiastic tactics to connect with the audience, he offered his personal cell phone number to everyone in the crowd. Although he knows it is radical to share his phone number, he did so because he believes in direct access to candidates. 

Suarez made known that he was considering a run and believes that his youthful traits, successful track record, and ability to reach Hispanic voters would greatly benefit the GOP. “The more early-voting states I visit, the higher the odds get of me committing to a run,” stated Suarez. The mayor also spoke of wanting a better future for not only his children but the children across this country.

After the event concluded, Mayor Suarez met with Kevin B. Harrington Student Ambassadors to get their opinions on current events. He asked students if his message resonated with them and encouraged students to contact him to give him feedback on his speech. The students along with Executive Director Neil Levesque, lead Suarez on a quick tour of the Institute and gifted him with an Institute tote bag. 

The American Stage Series is a new program at the NHIOP, which cultivates dialogue about the political perspectives, voices and ideas shaping the nation. We look forward to hosting more speakers in the series to share their viewpoints with the institute.