The Core Council at Saint Anselm College is made up of students, faculty and staff who offer support and resources, and seek to respond to and raise awareness of the needs of identifying students in our community. We live by Saint Anselm College's Benedictine Catholic tradition of creating an inclusive environment, and seek to foster a College community that is respectful of all people. This group seeks to be a resource and to create a safe place, and a judgment free community for all Anselmians.

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Official Charge of the Core Council

The Core Council acts as a resource to the Chief Student Affairs Officer in identifying the ongoing needs of LGBTQ students and assist in implementing campus-wide educational programming regarding these matters.

The work of this Core Council will ensure that the needs of our students who are LGBTQ will be addressed according to the college's Statement on Sexual Orientation and the Benedictine value of hospitality; specifically that each individual feels welcome in the Saint Anselm community.

The College is committed to inclusivity for all groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Core Council a club? How do I get involved?

    The Core Council is NOT a club, but a college advisory committee to Student Affairs comprised of students, faculty and staff. A council-based structure allows the group to engage, assist, and educate in multiple areas of community life at Saint Anselm and be sustainable in those efforts over time.

    Students are encouraged to become involved by attending programs sponsored by the Core Council and/or the True Equality and Dignity Alliance (TEDA), the student club on campus. To learn more about the student club, contact a member at To learn more about the Core Council contact

  • Core Council Members 2018-19
    • Karlea Brunelle-Joiner (Dean of Students Office), Chair
    • Jacob Ethier (Student '20)
    • Wayne Currie (Intercultural Center)
    • Kelley Demers (Education Department)
    • Pamela Preston (Nursing Department)
    • Nickolas Fulchino (Student '19)
    • Kendall Hoover (Student '20)
    • Carolyn King-Robitaille (Field Hockey Coach)
    • Riley Casey (Campus Ministry)
    • Megan Pina (Student '21)
    • Matt Solomon (Student '20)
    • Claire Ridley (Student '20)
  • Is being part of the Core Council like being an ally?

    Saint Anselm already has an established Ally Program comprised of staff, faculty and students trained to provide support in the area of LGBTQ life. But "yes" to the question, in the sense that the Core Council's #1 charge is to help create a safe and supportive environment for students; that sounds like a good definition of an ally.

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  • National & Local Resources

    National Resources

    Local Resources

    • Seacoast Outright »
      • Provides a safe space for these youth to meet, socialize, and support one another in an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.