The purpose of the Environmental Stewardship Committee is to provide leadership in enacting the Strategic Plan objective #23, reduce the environmental impact of the campus by implementing green initiatives throughout campus and incorporating sustainable design principles in all facility and building projects. The committee adheres to the core values of respect for the environment and sustainable living as a local and global environmental citizen and living the Benedictine value of stewardship for the environment and the earth. The membership of the committee includes representatives from faculty, staff and students and reports directly to the Executive Vice President.


Specific functions of the committee:

  1. Develop programs to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage conservation and promotion of practices beneficial to the environment by all members of the Saint Anselm community. Serve as a conduit for information exchange about campus sustainability initiatives.
  2. Pursue external funding sources to advance the strategic directions for sustainability at the college.
  3. Make recommendations for procurement of products that contribute to sustainability and for strategic investments for recycling for the future.
  4. Make recommendations for sustainable design principles to be incorporated into all College and facility planning projects.
  5. Draft policy recommendations and provide accurate information to the President, President's Cabinet and College community in order to promote and ensure conservation of resources, energy efficiency, waste reduction and recycling, emissions reduction, reliance on renewable energy sources and resources, healthy and safe environmental practices, and the sustainable operation of the college, consistent with the college's mission and guiding principles.