Saint Anselm College has completed a number of projects that have resulted in significant energy savings on campus. This list provides a sampling of what has already been achieved.


  • All classroom and library lighting has been changed to energy-saving T-5 and T-8 lamps
  • Motion sensors have been installed in classrooms and the library stacks, so that the lights turn off when not needed
  • Many classrooms have high/low or dimmer settings on their light switches
  • All campus building exit signs have been changed from 20-watt bulbs to 3-watt LED signs
  • Roadway and outside lighting has been changed from time clocks to photo cells
  • All lights in the Carr Center were changed to lower-wattage energy efficient T-5 and T-8 lamps, many of which auto-dim during bright daylight hours
  • All lights in Stoughtenberg Gym were converted to dual-switching, reducing electricity use by 50%
  • All lights in Davison Hall were replaced with energy-efficient LEDs and dimmable fluorescents.
  • All lights on the Founders Green and the new parking lot near Sullivan Ice Arena are energy-efficient LEDs
  • All exterior lights on campus buildings (including the Abbey Church and the entrance sign) have been replaced with LEDs
  • Streetlights along main drives (175 watts each) are being replaced with induction lighting (100 watts each, and longer-lasting).

Electricity Conservation

  • Bathroom hand dryers at Davison Hall and Coffee Shop were replaced with more efficient Dyson dryers, which use unheated air and run for a shorter period
  • Exhaust fans in the dorm bathrooms automatically turn off at midnight and back on at 6am
  • Capacitors were installed on all high-voltage circuits
  • All high-voltage transformers are rated for low impedence
  • All large motors have variable frequency drivers, so that the power level can be stepped down as needed


  • All public printers were put onto a print release system that cuts down on wasted printouts
  • All new decking is maintenance free, which translates to lower use of chemicals and cleaning supplies
  • Flooring in Goulet Science Center was replaced with epoxy surfaces, which requires no chemicals to clean
  • High-efficiency front-loading washing machines were installed in all residence halls, resulting in lower water and electricity use
  • Dining Services obtains nearly all of its produce (fruits and vegetables) from a wholesaler that was certified as a "Sustainable Business Leader"
  • Davison Hall uses biodegradable food containers, and provides reusable "ecoshells" for food carryout
  • Major campus buildings such as the monastery and Alumni Hall have been put onto new high-efficiency boilers, resulting in significant savings in natural gas use (approx. 35%)