The Academic Dean's Office is responsible for the academic life of the College.

The Academic Dean and Associate Academic Dean oversee the academic progress of students, the development of the curriculum and curricular assessment, faculty development, and offices that support academic affairs: the Registrar, the Academic Resource Center, the Office of Academic Advisement, the TRIO Scholars Office, and the Office of International Programs.


Phone: 603-641-7520
Location: Alumni Hall, first floor
Office Hours: Mon.–Fri.: 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.



The Academic Dean's Office maintains standards of academic progress, implements policies on class attendance and academic honesty, and gives notification of deficiencies and honors. It also provides advisement in course work and oversees policies on disputed grades, leaves of absence, withdrawal from the College, and the assignment of academic notations (W, I).

  • Who is my Academic Dean?
  • Withdrawal from courses
  • Course Overload
  • Leave of Absence
  • Withdrawal from the College


The Academic Dean oversees faculty hiring and provides support for faculty research, teaching, and professional development. The Academic Dean's Office promotes the renewal and growth of the faculty in all facets of their professional lives. At Saint Anselm College, the members of the faculty fulfill a variety of roles: as participants in the collegial community of a Catholic liberal arts college; and as members of the community of scholars within their disciplines. It is the purpose of the Faculty Development Program to provide resources, which will help the faculty to develop as scholars, to publish, to share insights both within the community and at professional conferences, and to improve their work in the classroom. More information regarding faculty development opportunities can be found under the faculty tab on the college portal.


The Academic Dean's Office is responsible for curriculum development. It administers the resources and policies required to maintain the College's record of academic excellence. Read more about the Core Curriculum. More information regarding curriculum development can be found under the faculty tab on the college portal.