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What Our Office Can Do For You

In keeping with the mission of the college, the Career Development Center is committed to helping your students develop strong critical thinking and problem solving skills and making them professionally competitive. We believe that applied experiential learning and internship opportunities beyond the classroom help students achieve these goals. Our office can help you make quality practical learning experiences happen in your department by:

  • Creating professional development training that is specific to your majors
  • Contacting employers and developing opportunities for students
  • Following up on employer leads you may provide our office
  • Publicizing internship opportunities across campus
  • Making career development presentations to your class
  • Helping students prepare resumes and develop interviewing skills
  • Assisting students who are receiving credit develop learning outcome objectives
  • Coordinating on-site employer visits

Handshake Faculty/Staff Engagement Portal

All of our tutorial resources as well as jobs and internship listings are posted to this system. Please contact the Career Development Center if you would like a faculty account to access Handshake.

Career & Self-Assessment Tools

  • FOCUS2, a self-paced, online career and education planning tool. Please contact the Career Development Center if you would like a faculty account to FOCUS2.
  • "What Can I Do with this Major" is a resource to help students learn about typical career areas and types of employers associated with their major

Career Consulting for Your Students

We have strong expertise in career development in the areas of professional development and employment, and we help students explore career options and identify steps for their interests, career goals, skills, and values.

Classroom Presentations/Give Us "5"

We will bring the information to your class. We specialize in customized and standard presentations to classes and student organizations about a host of career-related topics such as resume writing, job search strategies, interviewing skills, and "What Can I Do with This Major?". In addition, we can arrange presentations by professionals (many of them alumni), who can relate their experiences and how their major has helped them in their careers.

Career Panels, Seminars, and Additional Events

We invite you and your students to our wide range of career programs. They provide faculty and students an opportunity to build and expand a network of contacts from diverse organizations and industries.

Don't Cancel Class Program

Missing a class may sometimes be unavoidable. When those situations arise, our "Don't Cancel Class" program provides a way for your class to meet as usual, but with one of our career professionals who will deliver a career-related presentation designed to help students prepare for the world of work.

Bring Your Students to Us

Schedule a quick tour of our office and a presentation. It's a great way to introduce students to resources which can help with their studies at Saint Anselm and their future careers.

Thank you

Thank you for partnering with us to support students' academic and professional development.