This page includes information about Saint Anselm College students whose research has been supervised by our faculty and staff.

Laura Santer


“The Effect of Government Structure on Individual Liberty” was completed in 2020 by Laura Santer with the support of Jason Sorens, Max Latona, and funding from the Gordon Summer Research Fellowship. Her project researched the relationship between individual liberties and government structure by identifying the potential weaknesses of decentralization and the often-overlooked advantages of centralization. With generous insights from Dr. Sorens and Prof. Latona, Laura created and conducted surveys which asked self-identified libertarians to explain their relevant political views. These surveys were conducted at Porcfest in Lancaster, NH, where Laura’s work was featured on Free Talk Live radio broadcast (Episode: June 28, 2020). Her survey results were then incorporated into her final research paper which was presented to faculty members at a colloquium hosted by the Philosophy Department. Laura is deeply grateful for the mentorship of both Dr. Sorens and Prof. Latona without whom this project would not have been possible.