Stories create community, enable us to see through the eyes of other people, and open us to the claims of others.
- Peter Forbes, Author

Stories of Diversity and Inclusion that make Saint Anselm College an inclusive and rich community.

During the academic year, the Center for Intercultural Learning and Inclusion will share stories that amplify the voices of the Saint Anselm College student body, which increases the visibility of the experiences and efforts that impact diversity and inclusion on campus

Jillian Barrett

Jillian Barrett is a senior Spanish & Social Work Major from Worcester, Massachusetts. Jillian hopes to continue after college working in the social work field and recently accepted a position working with a mental health agency providing therapeutic support and youth mentorship. Throughout college, Jill has been the Team Director of Delight Ministries, a Transitions Mentor, a Meelia Center Management Team member, an Anselmian B.R.E.A.K. leader, and been part of various DEI efforts across campus.

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Jillian Barrett

Ranji Matthews

Ranji Matthews is a 2024 senior Business Administration Major with a minor in Human Resources from Sudbury, Massachusetts. Ranji hopes to pursue a career in PR or a related field with her degrees. Ranji can be found all over the Hilltop: she is a part of Delight Ministries, a women’s ministry group, the website coordinator for The Crier, and at the Center for Ethics as a student intern. One of the highlights of her time at Saint A’s has been her involvement with clubs on campus to build a community that feels more like family.

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Ranji Matthews

Carly Zinko

Carly Zinko is a senior Sociology and Peace and Justice double major with a Gender Studies minor with plans to pursue a Master of Social Work at Merrimack College next fall. Carly is heavily involved in the campus community. She has been a Transitions mentor, a facilitator for Good Grief and Campus Ministry, worked in the Meelia Center for three years, and has been the class of 2024 Secretary all four years.

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Carly Zinko sitting by a fountain

Morgan O’Regan

Morgan O’Regan is a senior studying social work. She is currently interning at the YWCA for her social work practicum. She has been involved on campus in numerous ways. She is an Admissions Ambassador, she works at the Community Center through the Meelia Center, and was a Road For Hope and Anselmian B.R.E.A.K. Leader through Campus Ministry. She plans to after college do a year of service at Nazareth Farm in West Virginia, which she originally went to on her first B.R.E.A.K. experience.

Morgan O’Regan

Riley Buchanan

Riley Buchanan is a senior studying marketing and graphic design at Saint Anselm College. Riley is the Program Coordinator for the Humanities Institute and is involved in the class of 2024 Student Government on campus. She enjoys spending time with her friends and roommates as well as going to visit her horse, Molson. 

Riley Buchanan

Noah Gutierrez

Noah Gutierrez is a Sophomore at Saint Anselm College. Noah is very involved with the
Multicultural Center and is very active in the Men of Color group. Noah is one of the friendly
faces on campus that is always in a good mood and excited to see his peers.

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Noah Gutierrez '25

Erin Ford

Erin Ford is a junior nursing major from Boston. She enjoys spending her time with her roommates and painting. Erin is a part of Transitions where she is a mentor for incoming students before orientation. Erin finds her community at Saint Anselm through her friends, fellow nursing students, and those who take place in transitions.

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Erin Ford

Oluwatofunmi Aderogba

Oluwatofunmi Aderogba is a freshman politics major. Oluwatofunmi is probably better known by his nickname “Tofu”. Oluwatofunmi likes to spend time with his friends hanging out in the lounge in the Intercultural Center. He is a very hard-working student and is very inclusive to the many students he encounters on campus.

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Oluwatofunmi Aderogba

Sydney Merritt

Sydney Merritt is a first year Psychology major from San Jose, California. She is an active member of campus life, from being on the Women’s Ice Hockey Team, to being a mentee in the Transitions Program, to working at the Meelia Center for Community Engagement. Click below to hear Sydney talk about her experiences so far at Saint A’s! 

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Sydney Merritt posing with a hockey stick

Lauren Lejano

Lauren Lejano is a sophomore Nursing major from across the country in California. She is involved in many aspects of campus life, from being an Orientation Leader in our New Student Orientation Program to being a member of the Women’s Softball Team. Click below to hear Lauren talk about her experiences at Saint Anselm College. 

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Lauren Lejano on the beach

Mike Hurm

Mike Hurm ’24 is a Business and Marketing double major here at Saint Anselm College. As a junior, he is an active member of the campus community, participating as a Mentor in the Transitions Program and being named “Mentor of the Month” for September 2022. Listen to Mike speak on his experiences with academics, community, and campus involvement in this video.

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Mike Hurm '24 standing in C-Shop

Michelle Henwood

Michelle Henwood, Class of 2023, is a hard-working student-athlete who strives for success academically and athletically. She is an Elementary Education Major who continues to make the most of her experience on the Hilltop. She always finds ways to brighten someone's day on campus and looks to get involved whenever she can in the Saint Anselm Community. Michelle is a great teammate on and off the volleyball court showing great leadership skills which translates to the work she does in the Academic Resource Center (ARC), tutoring fellow students in Spanish.

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Chloe Londoño-Ayr

Chloe Londoño-Ayr, Class of 2023 is a joyous student who always makes the most of her college experience on the Hilltop. She is a Nursing major with a Spanish minor. As a junior, Chloe is an Orientation Leader and enjoys creating connections with the first-year students each year. She seeks to get involved in activities whenever she can including the Ultimate Frisbee Club. She also finds ways to celebrate her Hispanic Heritage and is a vocal member of the LGBTQ+ community. She is also an Admissions Ambassador giving tours to prospective students and their families of Saint Anselm College, all while maintaining a respectable social and academic life.

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Chloe LA Picture.png

Macy Spinks

Macy Spinks, Class of 2023 is an intelligent student athlete who has made the most of her experience on the Hilltop. She is an English Literature major with a Gender Studies minor. Not only does she succeed in the classroom with a consistent 4.0 GPA, but she is a strong and hardworking asset on the women's basketball team. Her work doesn't stop there, she is also involved in SAAC (Student Athlete Athletic Committee) with the passion for proposing positive changes to the campus community from the perspective of a student athlete. As a junior, Macy has continued to make the most of her experience on the Hilltop while investing most of her time excelling academically, athletically, and socially.

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MacySpinks (1).png

David Chairez

David Chairez, a member of Saint Anselm College’s class of 2022 is an active member on this campus. He is involved with Residential Life, The Father Jonathan Center for Intercultural Learning and Inclusion, NHIOP, Admissions, and more. He has been able to use his experience as a Transitions Peer Mentor and time working with The Father Jonathan Center for Intercultural Learning and Inclusion to shape his experience here as Saint Anselm College.

David Chairez

Caitlin Golden

Caitlin Golden is a senior here at Saint Anselm College where she works hard to be a part of her community and build her leadership skills. Here on campus she is very involved in campus ministry where this coming semester she will be leading her own trip for service work in Georgia as well as leading as the President of Social Justice Club. 

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Connor O’Brien

Connor O’Brien, Class of 2021 at Saint Anselm College is a student who takes advantage of his experience here as much as possible. Connor is a hard working student who is also involved in a variety of clubs and organizations on campus. He is a member of the Red Key Society, Student Government Association, Campus Ministry, Admissions, and also works in the Deans office. Being a junior here Connor has been able to make the most of his experience and call this campus his second home.

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Ray Portu

Ray Portu is a senior Politics and Communication double major from the Seacoast area in New Hampshire. He is a very dedicated and passionate leader on campus where he is involved heavily in Campus Ministry. He served as a leader for A360, Urban Immersion, Service and Solidarity trips, and walked in Road for Hope this past summer.


Shelsey Vega

Shelsey Vega, Class of 2021 at Saint Anselm College is a student who has made the most of her experience on the hilltop. She is a hardworking student involved in numerous activites including the Meelia Center, a member of the leadership team for the annual Unity retreat, and an RA. Shelsey has used her involvement in campus to help make Saint A's more diverse and understanding community. Her involvement on campus has allowed her to make the most of her four years on campus.

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Jenifer Wallitsch

Jenifer Wallitsch, Class of 2021 at Saint Anselm College is a student who has made the most of her experience on the hilltop. She is a hard working student involved in numerous activities including SGA Senate, NHIOP, and Admissions. Jen has a passion for the environment, and as a senior, her and her roommates worked together to implement recycling back on campus. Jen’s involvement on campus has allowed her to make the most of her four years on campus.

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