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A general encyclopedia with historical information and links.
From Catholic OnLine, a biography of Anselm.
This site has a section on Saint Anselm with links to other materials by and about Anselm
A review of the intellectual history of the Ontological Argument from Saint Anselm to Gödel
Anselm's writings in Latin from the Bibliotheca Augustana.
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
The Medieval Source Book at Fordam University. The entry on Anselm contains a discussion of his works and his philosophy as well as a bibliography.
Philosophy Pages is a site of information about Western Philosophy. Information about Anselm as well as links to a variety of sources.
Who's Who in Medieval History. Information and links.
Biographical Sketches of Great Christians of the Past. Information and links.
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Summary of Anselm's life, philosophy and theology
The Catholic Encyclopedia.
Eternal Word Television Network.
The Christian Classicals Ethereal Library
Catholic Pages
Jacques Maritain Center at the University of Notre Dame
Lectionary Resources for the Episcopal Church

Boston University's Western Philosophy in Theological Perspective