Since 1989 the Meelia Center has connected classroom and community.  Every semester over 250 students in dozens of courses across the disciplines apply class concepts through their community engagement.  Sometimes an optional assignment, and sometimes built into the fabric of the course for all students, community engaged learning can deepen understanding of course material and build student skills and confidence. It also generates significant positive community impact.   

Models of Community Engaged Learning

There are 3 types of Community Engaged Learning within the Meelia Center that offer a wide range of learning opportunities and ways to engage with the Manchester community. 

With community based engaged-learning the placement sites available to students are determined by the course goals defined by the faculty member.  Students who choose the community based engaged-learning option are provided with an orientation, on-going support, and reflection opportunities.  If you are an education, nursing, fine arts or social work major you will take a number of required community based engaged-learning courses which lay a foundation for later practicum experiences.