As a Benedictine, Catholic liberal arts college, we place special value on the human person as our greatest resource. To be employed at our college is to share responsibility for fulfilling the college's mission to engage students in the fullest experience of a liberal arts education and to graduate men and women who will lead creative and generous lives.

We believe every member of the college community can make a contribution to this effort and that you have come here because you wish to participate in this opportunity. We suggest that you become familiar with the contents of the faculty and staff handbooks (you can request a copy of the staff handbook by emailing Human Resources at and keep them on hand for easy reference.

The discussion of benefits in this handbook is merely a summary of our programs, which are subject to change. You should always consult with the Office of Human Resources for the specifics and the complete terms of your benefits. You can request a copy of the Staff Handbook, Employee Reference Guide, Harassment Policy and Non-discrimination Statement by emailing Human Resources at