Highlights of Alumni Who Majored in Biology

Many of our science, math, and engineering graduates continue their education. But many work first, and some work at the same time (Anselmians live for a challenge). Meet a few:


To clot or not to clot - that is the big question when it comes to many serious blood disorders. Abnormalities in the blood's protein can mean that clots form too easily (as in fatal embolism) or not easily enough (as in the various forms of hemophilia). By researching these abnormalities and teaching future doctors and researchers, Rodney Camire may have a role in improving treatment for children who have blood-related diseases.

The magna cum laude biochemistry graduate received tenure at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, where he teaches biochemistry, supervises post-doctoral students, and facilitates bioethics workshops.  He is also a researcher at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, which has one of the largest pediatric research programs in the country.

Since graduating from Saint Anselm, Rodney has earned a Ph.D. in biochemistry at the University of Vermont and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania.  He has received numerous young investigator awards at national and international medical forums, published extensively, lectured widely and received research grants from national foundations as well as the National Institutes of Health.  He lives in New Jersey with his wife, Tracey, and three children.