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Left) APO Trash Pickup (Right) NH Science Olympiad

The faculty and students at Saint Anselm College are particularly involved in the community, both on and off campus. Our Chemistry Club is involved with our entire department and provides a welcoming sense of community to our majors as well as carries out service to the community. Additionally, faculty in the department are involved in Alpha Phi Omega, the Diocese of Manchester Diocesan School Board, and Science Olympiad.

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The Saint Anselm College Chemistry Club participates in both service and professional development. Chemistry Club Members have participate and host National Chemistry Week events, perform demonstrations in elementary and middle school science classes, and host a Science Saturday for local kids. The Club hosts seminars and webinars for Saint Anselm students; some students run office hours and help sessions before exams in the General Chemistry course. They also volunteer to help with the New Hampshire Science Olympiad State Tournament, held on our campus. There is also office space for our students to use, complete with a refrigerator and microwave, and of course a periodic table!


The club is also recognized by the American Chemical Society, which provides numerous opportunities for professional development. Our students attended the 244th American Chemical Society National Meeting in Philadelphia in August 2012 to tell everyone about their research and their involvement in the Saint Anselm Chemistry Club, where they presented a poster! They also attended the 250th ACS National Meeting in Boston in August 2015 (below) to continue their involvement with the organization and presented again!