After Saint Anselm, What's Next?

Students work with their faculty and representatives from Career Services to find career opportunities. Our students may elect to receive either a B.A. degree or a B.S. degree, both of which to incorporate the breadth of a liberal arts education.  The department has been certified by the American Chemical Society since 1969, which highlights the additional commitment to laboratory skills, modern instrumentation, and hands on experiences necessary for success in chemistry.  American Chemical Society certified degrees are awarded a B.S.

Saint Anselm Chemistry and Forensic Science graduates regularly find in field employment upon graduation. A degree from Saint Anselm College can be the beginning to many career paths. Our students have successfully gone on to work in industry and government agencies, and teach at colleges and high schools. Additionally, Saint Anselm graduates have been accepted at some of the best graduate schools in the United States and have been awarded scholarships, teaching assistantships, and research positions.

Check out the map to see where our graduates since 2010 have gone.

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