The Saint Anselm Drone Camp provides high school students with the opportunity to learn programming using autonomous aerial vehicles (drones.) This six night camp on the Saint Anselm College campus provides students with an introduction to programming, aerial drone flying, and ethics.


The Camp  |  July 9-15, 2023

The Saint Anselm Drone Camp provides high school students with an exciting opportunity to learn how to build, program, and fly drones. This six night, seven day camp on Saint Anselm College’s beautiful campus provides students with an introduction to computer programming, aerial drone flying, and ethics, all while experiencing the College’s award-winning college dining, fun recreational activities, and new friendships.

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Who is this camp for? 

The camp is designed to be accessible for any high school student who is interested in drone technology. We assume no programming experience on behalf of participants and welcome all skill levels.

What topics are covered, specifically?

We cover the following topics: 

  • Python programming
  • Building of basic aerial drones
  • Flying of basic aerial drones
  • Basic autonomous operation of aerial drones
  • Introduction to Machine Learning and AI
  • Ethics of drones and modern technology
  • SAT/ACT Prep

Overview of Camp Schedule

Sunday       Registration/Ice Breakers
Monday Inspirational Demonstration/Intro to programming Competition Intro/Careers Talk Tello/Droneblocks STEM Activity
Tuesday Building and flying drones Invited Speaker Flight Time Team Activity
Wednesday Introduction to ML/AI Competition Details Flight Time     Film Night
Thursday Mechanism Design/Work time Ethics Work/Practice time STEM Activity
Friday Work/Practice/Finialize Competition Entry Work/Practice/Finialize Competition Entry Work/Practice/Finialize Competition Entry Game Night
Saturday Presentations Competition    


Why Python?

Python is a modern high-level programming language with a focus on ease of expression. While Python can be picked up quickly it also allows for a lot of potential complexity. Python is not just an academic curiosity or learning language though. Python is the primary language used in machine learning and AI today! Companies like Apple, Facebook, Nvidia, and Google all use Python for their AI projects.

Why Aerial Drones?

Flying is cool! Besides that, aerial drones are the future of autonomous robots. Many robotics competitions and camps focus on ground-based robots that maneuver around on wheels. We introduce students to the world of flying autonomous robots setting us apart from other robotics camps.

Accommodations and Food

While at the Saint Anselm Drone Camp, students will be housed on campus in the Saint Anselm College residence halls with two students per room; students may request to be partnered with their friends. Student dorms will be separated by gender and supervised.

Students will be provided three meals a day prepared by Saint Anselm College Food Services, which is ranked nationally for best campus food. All meals are served as an all- you-can-eat buffet which will vary over the course of the school; typical items include steak tips, pasta, and chicken parmesan. All dietary restrictions can be accommodated. Students may order additional meals to their dorm.


Registration for the Saint Anselm Drone Camp costs $900. For questions or additional information, please contact Prof. Michael Huelsman

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    Dr. Michael Huelsman

    Camp Director and Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Saint Anselm College

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    Dr. Adam Albina

    Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Saint Anselm College

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    Col. Tucker Hamilton

    Director of the Department of the Air Force – MIT Artificial Intelligence Accelerator, co-founder STEM-ED

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    Beldon Lin

    COO and Co-founder STEM-ED

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    Allison Tsay

    Director STEM-ED

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    Saint Anselm Students

    Camp Counselors