Highlights of Alumni Who Majored in Criminal Justice

Work for the Department of Homeland Security, become a behavorial counselor or an advocate for the homeless. Meet some alumni:


Now the Program Monitor for federal offenders, criminal justice major Kennan MacArthur '13 attributes his success to his criminal justice courses and the volunteer work he did through Saint Anselm's Meelia Center.

As sophomore, Kennan began student volunteering through the Meelia Center at Hampshire House in Manchester, an adult reentry program for federal offenders that works to transition residents from prison back into society.

He volunteered at the Hampshire House for the next three years and eventually became the site coordinator between the Meelia Center and the criminal justice department. With this position he was responsible for recruiting student volunteers for the Hampshire House and sorting the scheduling and personnel for each visit.

During his volunteer work at Hampshire House, Kennan was able to apply his criminal justice teachings to a real world environment.

"My criminal justice background gave me mediation techniques to diffuse situations and a better understanding of the community reintegration process for federal offenders," says Kennan.

Upon graduating from Saint Anselm, Kennan was offered a full time position at Hampshire House where he currently works as a Program Monitor.

His responsibilities include, but are not limited to, holding the residents of the program accountable to the rules of the program by performing bag, pat and room searches, taking alco-sensors, and ensuring that the residents complete their daily details.

"My criminal justice courses combined with my volunteer work at Hampshire House exposed me to a different population and prepared me to work with federal offenders; it helped me grow to make a difference not only in the lives of other student volunteers but the individuals I now monitor.