Highlights of Alumni Who Majored in Education


My name is Jenna Baker and I graduated from Saint Anselm College this past May. Since then I have started my first year of teaching with the Urban Catholic Teacher Corps (UCTC) through Boston College. UCTC is a unique post grad program in which first and second year teachers teach exclusively in urban Catholic schools in the Greater Boston Area while living in community and completing their Masters.

Currently, I teach Algebra I and Geometry at Cristo Rey Boston (CRB) which is a small Catholic school located in the Savin Hill neighborhood of Boston, MA. CRB is part of a network of Cristo Rey schools that serve students of low economic background and provides them with a work study opportunity that subsidizes most of their tuition and provides them with professional work experience as young adults. I have been impressed by my students and their growth, perseverance, and generosity each day.

Although my choice to apply and be a part of UCTC seemed incredibly natural by my senior year on the Hilltop, I never would have imagined pursuing a program like it before coming to Saint A's. Because of the classes that I took and the programs that I was a part of during my four years, I realized the importance of working towards equity in education. Through courses such as Inclusion, Equity and Diversity, I had the opportunity to reflect on the quality of my own education and challenge myself to consider how to establish an equitable learning environment in my future classrooms. In addition to my classes, my involvement in the Meelia Center and Campus Ministry pushed me to ask questions about injustice and human dignity that I still ask myself most days as I process my experiences in the classroom. My Anselmian experiences are truly what ground me through the challenges and triumphs of my first year of teaching.